Sharon Sanborn


Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Board Certified Art Therapist, Life and Relationship Coach, Voice Dialogue Facilitator, Soul Collage Facilitator, Certified Hypnotherapist.




My interest in visual arts and psychology led me to take many art classes and complete a Master’s degree in Psychology and a Post-Master’s Certification in Art Therapy. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Board Certified Registered Art Therapist, Life and Relationship Coach, SoulCollage® Facilitator, Voice Dialogue Facilitator and Certified Hypnotherapist.

Over the last 35 years in the mental health and teaching fields, I have worked in inpatient and outpatient mental health facilities, crisis intervention settings as well as been in private practice since 2005. I have taught children’s art classes, university and community college level classes as well as at language institutions in Germany teaching English as a Second Language. I have professional affiliations with the American Art Therapy Association, the Evergreen Art Therapy Association and the Seattle Counselors Association. Besides hiking, walking, partner dancing, sailing, kayaking and skiing, I enjoy painting and have shown my acrylic and collage work in galleries in Germany and the United States. I am interested in photography and video and have created a 30 minute documentary video about Art Therapy entitled “Art Saves Lives” and a 30 minute documentary video about the benefits of art-making entitled “Art Saves Lives Stories”. See “Resources” page of this web site for more information, a link to the 2 trailers and an option to purchase these videos.

My work often involves helping folks develop self-mastery or the ability to manage their feelings, thoughts and actions, develop effective and harmonious communication skills, reduce anxiety and experience more positive feelings and thoughts as well as simplify and organize their lives in order to enjoy life to the fullest.

I particularly enjoy sailing, kayaking, snorkeling and spending time on the water in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the USA and in warm waters around the world. I have dreams of one day crossing an ocean as well as traveling on the water in many parts of the world!

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