What if dating could be an exploration of yourself and others? What if dating could be relaxing, less disappointing and more fun? When you are clear about who and what you are looking for (s/he is potentially a good fit for you and has a similar dating purpose as you), then you can focus your time on people likely to be a good match for you and respectfully say “No, Thanks” to people who do not fit your dating criteria and dating purpose.

Check out my “Dating Criteria List, Dating Purpose and What I offer” Tool. Here is to successful dating and enjoying the exploration!

Dating Criteria List


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Sharon Sanborn is a Relationship Coach, Life Coach, On-Line Educator, Psychotherapist/Counselor for Individuals and Couples, Art and Photo Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Clinical Supervisor with 35 years in the mental health and education fields. She is also a SoulCollage® and Voice Dialogue Facilitator. You can meet her in her Seattle, WA, USA office or globally via Zoom/Skype/Phone. More information at https://sharonsanborn.com/ or email at Sharon@SharonSanborn.com or call at 206-283-9767 in USA