What is Emotional Wisdom?
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           These free monthly chats via Zoom are a place to discuss what Emotional Wisdom is, how Emotional Wisdom can benefit you, what Emotional Wisdom Tools and Tips can best help you, how to develop Emotional Wisdom and how you can get and stay Emotionally Wise!
           Rather than feeling out of control and overwhelmed or being at the mercy of intense feelings and emotions, let’s talk about how you can manage stress or change or conflict or emotional overload with self-awareness and wisely turning to your feelings and emotions as your friends. You can learn to feel emotionally balanced and experience your life in an Emotionally Wise way!
           Rather than being afraid of your feelings and yet letting them take control without your recognition, understanding and choice, let’s talk about how to develop self-awareness and an understanding of your feelings and emotions, including their unique gifts and skills!
           Rather than numbing out or ignoring your feelings and emotions, let’s talk about how you can feel emotionally balanced and at-peace, make better decisions and communicate more effectively and harmoniously using the full spectrum of ALL your feelings successful!
Try experiencing Emotional Wisdom and begin living your life in an Emotionally Wise way!
Register in advance for our FREE monthly
“Experiencing Emotional Wisdom Chats”
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