Are you are feeling anxious? Depressed?Overwhelmed? Irritable? Tired? Stuck?

Having frequent fights with a partner, family member or boss? Having dating doubts? Struggling after a break-up?

Want to de-clutter or explore what you really want in life, work and relationships?


I assist people in identifying what they want from life and relationships and in developing action plans with support to follow through with them. Helping clients overcome problems or self-defeating life patterns, increase awareness, improve communication, clarify thoughts, feelings, and values often leads people to feel more confident and flexible in the lives they wish to live.

Sharon’s Approach to Counseling offers you effective strategies to overcome problems and life patterns that are uncomfortable or ineffective. Your strengths, your resources and your unique view of the world are my focus. I believe you will find a safe, warm, trustworthy, empowering and encouraging an environment for healing, personal growth and effective resolution of specific problems.

Utilizing a collaborative Narrative and Solution-Focused approach to therapy in combination with Cognitive Behavioral and Gestalt techniques, I often integrate Counseling or “Talk” Therapy with Hypnotherapy and Art and Photo and Video Therapy.

Sharon’s specialty areas:
In addition to assisting people experiencing Anxiety, Panic, Phobias, Social Anxiety, OCD, Depression and Bi-Polar Disorder, I have experience working with people around Relationship issues (with partners or spouses, family, at work, dating, etc.), De-cluttering/Organizing and Simplicity, Assertiveness, GLBTQ, Gender and Sexuality issues, Self-Esteem, and Attracting What you Want in Life. I have experience working with folks who are on any part of the gender spectrum and am Poly and Kink friendly.

I offer counseling and coaching for individuals and couples, Landlubbers and Boat Lovers. I enjoy helping Boat Lovers (Live-Aboards, Cruisers, Blue Water Sailers and people who spend time on boats) with relationship issues, improving communication, de-cluttering and enjoying life on the water.

Couples Counseling or Coaching
I offer counseling and coaching to couples who are feeling stuck, unhappy, having communication problems, having frequent fights or conflicts or wondering if you and your partner are a good fit for a relationship or marriage. I work with couples to explore differences and similarities, improve connection and communication, explore money, GLBTQ, Gender and Sexuality issues.I assist individuals and

I assist individuals and their loved ones anywhere on the gender spectrum and am Poly and Kink friendly.
Landlubbers and Boat Lovers.

I offer counseling and coaching for Landlubbers and Boat Lovers (Live-Aboards, Blue Water Sailors, Cruisers, and People who spend time on Power and Sailboats).


Having difficulties in relationships?
Can’t seem to get on track with following your dreams?
Experiencing the “blues”, depression or anxiety?

With support and clear strategies, you can develop skills and tools for improving your relationships, developing or establishing a career or business or de-cluttering and simplifying your life!

Improve your thoughts by successfully turning scattered, anxious and negative thinking into positive productive ideas.
Improve your emotions by turning feelings of anger, resentment, sadness, and fear into calm confidence and joy!
Improve your actions by turning procrastination and passivity into clear communication while finding purpose, clarity, and accomplishment.

Coaching for Land-Lovers and Boat-Lovers
I specialize in offering coaching to Land Lubbers and Boat Lovers whether they be Live-Aboards, Cruisers, Blue Water sailors or people who spend time on motor or sailboats. My work often involves helping folks develop effective communication skills, simplify and organize as well as exploring ways to enjoy life to the fullest on or off the water.

I enjoy spending time in the mountains and sailing in local waters around Seattle. I would love to do more “blue water” sailing, cruising to Mexico, South America, crossing the Pacific Ocean and other places around the world.



I offer a place for people to gain new insights, explore perspectives and options, resolve problems and enhance skills to better cope with the challenges in their lives. Our work might involve using images, photos and writing as vehicles for self-expression, increased awareness and improved communication. It is often hard to find words for our inner feelings, fears, and experiences. Art materials from pencils and magic markers to paint, photos and videos (or even Pastry Therapy™)-can give form to these concepts, lead to greater awareness and self-esteem, clarify values and beliefs and create new perspectives and choices.

Making art and tapping into the creative process can be a powerful way to express your thoughts and feelings. It can be calming, lead to focus and integrate polarities, as well as assist in expanding options and facilitating decision-making and risk-taking. No previous art experience is needed. The process is usually more important than the end product.

Sharon Sanborn Art TherapySharon Sanborn Art Therapy


Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness in which concentration becomes highly focused. In this relaxed, suggestive state the benefits can be accelerated learning and reduction in symptoms such as addictions, physical pain, debilitating mood or emotional patterns and reactions to trauma. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The client is always in charge and I validate the fact that all the “answers” are within the client. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that humans experience often in their lives (one familiar example is “highway hypnosis”).

Self-hypnosis has huge potential for empowering people to increase control and make changes in their lives. I am a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) and trained in EMDR.


I am qualified in Washington state to offer Clinical Supervision towards licensure for LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor), LICSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) and ATR (Registered Art Therapist).

I can meet with you at my office or use tele-supervision options like telephone, SKYPE or other technologies for long distance communication. We can discuss many clinical and client issues including the following areas: Assessment and Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, Intervention and Measurement of Progress, various Counseling Approach, Ethical Issues, Paperwork (at an agency or facility or for private practice), Private Practice issues including Marketing, Networking and Advertising and Career Counseling such as exploring career options and transitions as well as preparing for licensure exams.

I enjoy supporting clinicians who want to clarify the issues and populations they want to work with and the counseling approaches they want to explore and utilize. Often our work focuses on identifying personal and professional goals and creating a plan to reach these successfully.

My fee for supervision is $90 for 50 minutes. If you choose to work with 1-2 others in a group my fee is $45 each for 50 minutes or $80 each for 100 minutes.

  • Supervision Group
  • Effective Harmonious Communication Group
  • Soul Collage Group
  • Powerful Partnership Group
  • Dating Support Group
  • Queens and Goddesses Group

Pricing for Groups:


  • Individual Supervision 50 minute appointment = $95 (cash or check $5 off)
  • Group Supervision 100 minute appointment = $185 for 2 participants (cash or check $5 off) or $65 for 3 participants (cash or check $5 off)
  • Group Supervision 50 minute appointment = $90 for 2 participants or $45 each for 3 participants (cash or check $5 off)

Soul Collage Group

  • 4 meetings $100 (90 minute, cash and check $ 5 off)
    (recommended to add into your cost a Starter Kit of supplies for $16.95 if you wish to purchase this from

Communicate Effectively and Harmoniously

  • Group 6 meetings $210 (75 minutes, cash and check $10 off)

Dating Successfully for Queens and Goddesses Groups

  • 6 meetings $210 (75 minutes, cash and check $10 off)

Dating Successfully for Heroes and Kings Group

  • 6 meetings $210 (75 minutes, cash and check $10 off)

Powerful Partnership for Couples Group

  • 6 meetings $210 (75 minutes, cash and check $10 off)

Moving Onward from Breakups and Divorce Group

  • 6 meetings $210 (75 minutes, cash and check $10 off)