The image above illustrates a feeling I was experiencing, that I labeled “Sorrow”. This feeling moved me to organize a Family Reunion via Zoom to catch up with my family members spread out over the US.

The image above illustrates a feeling I was experiencing, that I labeled “Fear”. This feeling moved me to start wearing a face mask when I go out shopping.

Wondering what to do in these turbulent uncertain times?

I certainly have. During this planet-wide crisis with resulting global slowing down and shifting, most of us have experienced a full spectrum of feelings—sorrow and fear, worry, inspiration, impatience and gratitude.

While rereading the classic book, “Emotional Intelligence”, by Daniel Goleman, I noticed his idea that, “All emotions are in essence, impulses to act and a tendency to act is implicit in every emotion.” He mentions the origins of the word “emotion” as the Latin word motere + e meaning “move” + “away or out”.

We can all ask ourselves the question, “What are my feelings moving me to do right now?” Getting stuck in an emotion or avoiding it can be unproductive and draining. Letting the feelings flow, shift and get processed so they can move us to express ourselves however, leads us to act in ways that are congruent with our feelings. It takes practice, especially with “uncomfortable” or intense feelings, but we can learn to be aware, feel, express and move on….

?Music, Dancing, Working, Gardening, De-Cluttering, Helping, Projects, Boating, Sewing?

I love music and after attempting to play various musical instruments as a young person with little serious commitment, the result was frustration and very little success. I eventually realized I was a better appreciator of music than a musician and learned that a great way to enjoy and appreciate music with others was to join in on partner dancing (like Waltz, Tango, West Coast Swing, etc.). Yet, for the last 2 months or so, I can go sailing with 1-2 co-quarantiners, but no social dancing has been possible. My disappointment moved me to take up a bit of gardening outdoors and it has brought me calmness and joy.

This pandemic has been a challenge for all of us, but I am hopeful that you can find the hidden benefits in your feelings and notice what they move you towards. I am moved to continue with my commitment to helping people increase their emotional awareness, as well as develop their ability to regulate, manage, be flexible and move with their feelings and emotions. I’m excited to work with and alongside you to imagine and create our best lives.

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